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What is GS Ad Network publisher program?

The GS Ad Network publisher program is an advertising partnership program that allows publishers to display ads on their websites and they get paid for all legitimate clicks on those ads. It costs nothing to open a Publisher account and you can start displaying ads on their websites almost immediately.

How can I sign up to the publisher program?

Signing into the GS Ad Network publisher program is very simple. You may just Click Here to register with us and start showing up ads in your website.

How flexible are the ad display formats?

Ad formats are pretty simple to manage and you can create your ad block code yourself. You can decide how many text ads you would like to show as well as the banner ad formats.

What is the difference between the code for search engines and code for content pages?

Ad display code generated for the search engine is specifically for search engines which will show ads depending on the exact keyword match for the keyword used to search. Code for content pages will identify the theme and content of the page automatically and show relevant ads.

How many ad blocks can I place in my webpage?

You may place any number of ad blocks in your webpage. But for each subsequent ad code, we recommend you to generate the display code again.

Can I restrict ads of my competitors from showing up on my website?

Yes, you can restrict ads of your competitors from showing up in your website. While creating the ad block, you may select the ads from websites which you want to exclude.

What are the withdrawal modes?

Currently we support withdrawals via Paypal. You can raise a withdrawal request from your publisher login area.

When will I get paid?

You can raise a withdrawal request if you have at least $90 in your account.

  • The GS Ad Network is an online network of LGBT And Transgender related advertisers and publishers. We provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Sign up for a free account and immediately start creating ads to promoting your online business. The GS Ad Network allows you to advertise using both text and banner advertisements. The ads submitted to our system are served worldwide through our large LGBT and Transgender publisher network.
  • The GS Ad Network Publisher account is meant for any LGBT web site or blog owner who wishes to generate revenue by publishing ads from our system on their sites. Publishers earn 60% from every genuine click on advertisements sent from their Publisher's account. You can filter out competitor ads if you neeed to and you won't lose any of your site visitors because when a visitor clicks an ad, the new site opens in a new window or tab, keeping the user on your site. You can also decide whether or not to allow adult ads to be displayed on your site.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy against any sort of fraud. We are very much concerned about the quality of clicks sent to our advertisers and have robust fraud detection mechanisms in place to detect and reverse any fraudulent clicks which may occur. Please read the advertiser terms and publisher terms on the registration page before signing up.